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Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha Extract

Organic KSM66® Ashwagandha extract for reduced stress, inreased energy, mental balance and more.

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KSM66® Ashwagandha Extract is a premium dietary supplement sourced from the roots of the Ashwagandha plant. Each capsule contains 300 mg potent extract of Ashwagandha with 10:1 extract ratio.
Our formula is enriched with Biopering, to enhance the absorption of Ashwagandha,  Bioperine® is a black pepper extract known for its bioavailability-boosting properties.

Ashwagandha is a renowned herb in traditional Ayurvedic medicine known for its adaptogenic properties. Ashwagandha is scientifically proven to help the body manage stress, reduce fatigue, increase energy, promote mental balance, and hormonal balance.

Our Ashwagandha Extract is free from artificial additives, free from fillers, and is 100% organic, to ensure a pure and potent product. It is manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and is third-party tested, to provide you with a natural and effective product to support your mental and physical health.

This supplement is not intended to replace a varied diet but should be used as part of a balanced lifestyle and healthy diet. Experience the benefits of KSM66® Ashwagandha Extract and embrace a calmer, more resilient you.

How to use

Recomended dose:
2 Capsules/day.
Start by taking 1 capsule in the Morning and 1 capsule in the evening.

2 Capsules per day is the clinically documented dose. If necessary, the dose can be increased to 3-4 capsules per day.

The effect of KSM66® Ashwagandha comes within 2-4 weeks and strengthens with time.

Shipping and returns

We ship all our order from our fulfillment center in the Sweden and Netherlands.

Shipping Usually within 2-5 days.

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KSM-66® offers the highest concentration of full spectrum Ashwagandha extract

One capsule gives 300 mg organic ashwagandha extract with added Bioperine for increased absorption

Why should I take Aschwagandha?

  • You want to reduce the feeling of stress: Research shows Ashwagandha lowers cortisol, easing stress.
  • You want a natural anxiety relief. Studies indicate Ashwagandha reduces symptoms of anxiety effectively.
  • You want to increase your vitality and energy levels.
  • You want a natural healthy product that promotes hormonal balance (for both Women and Men).

KSM66® Ashwagandha FAQ

Can I take Ashwagandha everyday?

Yes, you can generally take Ashwagandha every day. It's recommended to take Ashwagandha consistently over a period of time to experience its full benefits.

Is Ashwagandha safe for me to take?

Ashwagandha is considered safe for most people. However, individuals with autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, or those taking certain medications should consult a healthcare professional before using Ashwagandha.

How long does it take for Ashwagandha to work?

The timeframe for experiencing the effects of Ashwagandha can vary among individuals. Some may notice improvements in stress levels or mood within a few days to weeks of consistent use, while others may require longer.

What is the recomended dosage for Ashwagandha?

The recomended dose is 600 mg per day, taken 300 mg twice daily.

Can Ashwagandha help with specific health conditions?

Research suggests that Ashwagandha may offer benefits for conditions such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, and hormonal imbalances. However, it's essential to consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice and treatment recommendations.

Is Ashwagandha suitable for everyone?

While Ashwagandha is generally safe for most people, certain groups, such as pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, and individuals with specific medical conditions, should exercise caution or avoid its use altogether. In these cases it's advised to consult with a healthcare professional before starting Ashwagandha supplementation.

What makes a good Ashwagandha product?

Consider a product containing KSM-66 Ashwagandha, a superior and clinically studied and proven form known for its potency and purity. Be sure to check for third-party testing and certifications to ensure the product's quality and authenticity.